Trump’s reckless foreign policy

IT has been almost one year since President Donald Trump took office, yet apart from outside world, his own countrymen are raising serious concerns over thoughtless path pursued by him regarding US foreign policy and national security. According to them Trump has made the US more insecure than ever before. A document prepared by the Democrats makes a scathing indictment of Trump’s foreign policy saying the 45th American President is pursuing a dangerous, reckless and un-American policy.
Indeed a quick reflection of his one-year performance in office shows him retreating from global and moral commitments, alienating its allies and abandoning the bipartisan defence of liberal ideals. Whether it is Trump’s immoral, unwise and botched travel ban on Muslim-majority nations, accepting occupied Jerusalem the capital of Israel, issuing diplomatic pronouncements on twitter especially against North Korea and Pakistan even without consulting Secretary of State Rex Tillerson or his self-isolating moves to upend the Iran nuclear deal and risk another military confrontation in the Middle East have widely contributed to further promoting anti-American sentiments across the world. As a result, the US today undoubtedly is more isolated and less respected and one saw its demonstration when the UN General Assembly voted 128-9 to declare Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem as null and void. The document prepared by the Democrats admits that the people around the world are losing confidence in the US due to Trump’s unpredictable personality, terming its ‘First America’ chaotic and risky. As it is unlikely that Trump will give ears to saner voices or review his reckless course, it is time for Muslim countries to rise above their petty differences and gather at one platform to protect their economic and security interests. Trump’s decisions on travel ban on Muslim majority nations and the status of Jerusalem besides his recent posture towards Pakistan and Iran unambiguously indicate that the Muslim countries should not expect anything good from him and they rather need to be ready to counter any of his folly by putting their own house in order.

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