Trump’s offer of mediation

DURING his bold conversation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the US President-elect Donald Trump, among other things, had expressed his desire and willingness to play any role that “you want me to play to address and find solution to the outstanding problems. It will be an honour and I will personally do it”. This was a clear reference to lingering dispute of Jammu & Kashmir but Indians tried to interpret it differently by claiming that Trump might have been referring to the issue of ‘terrorism’.
Things have now become clear with the remarks of US Vice President-elect Mike Pence that the President-elect would be ready to mediate on Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. Appearing in NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ programme, he said Donald Trump might serve the role of a mediator in Kashmir issue by bringing his “extraordinary deal-making skills” to sort out the crisis. The re-assertion twice in a week is a pointer to the fact that administration of Donald Trump would give due importance to the longstanding problem and make efforts to help resolve it. This is also an acknowledgement of diplomatic efforts of Pakistan in sensitising the world public opinion especially important capitals of the globe on latest developments in South Asia with India trampling human rights in Occupied Kashmir and danger that the conflict poses to peace, security and stability of the region. We have been emphasising in these columns that Pakistan has a solid and powerful case and things can change if the case is put across in a convincing manner before the world community. There are positive signals from the US and hopefully Pakistani leadership and officials concerned would work closely with new administration as part of the effort to get a just and durable solution to the conflict. Donald Trump’s willingness to help resolve longstanding international issues augurs well as these are among the main reasons of present-day turmoil in different parts of the world. Solution of these problems as per aspirations of the people directly affected by these disputes would surely contribute to regional and global peace and security, also affording opportunity to Trump to carry forward his economic agenda, which surely depends on intensified interaction with other countries and regions.

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