Trump’s new D gang..!

NOT many realize Trump has quite a following in the country: My barber who normally greets me with a smile wasn’t even apologetic as he pointed to the board outside his seemingly closed shop, “Sorry sir, am leaving for the US!” “What!” I exclaimed, “Don’t they have enough barbers there?” “Not enough to handle the epidemic sir!”
“What epidemic?” I asked, “And you’re certainly not a doctor?” “I am a barber sir, and with Mr Trump coming in, millions with a beard will shave it off. No one wants to look like a terrorist. Trump will embrace the clean shaven, like Hitler did the Aryan!”
I felt my stubble and walked away fearfully as the barber took a photo of me with his phone camera, “Trump may want me to record all bearded men!” he said, while going back to pulling down his signboard. “Have a drink!” said the man standing outside the liquor shop. “No!” I said, “Not at this time of the day anyway!”
“It doesn’t matter,” said the drunk as he staggered across to me and held my shirt lapels, “The wives have gone into hiding; they won’t interfere anymore!” “Whoa! Whoa!” I said, “And why not?” “After Trump’s last trumpet blast to that female reporter, women have gone back where Trump feels they belong!” “And where does Trump feel they belong?” I asked as I tried to free myself from his sweaty hands. “In the kitchen, “he sniggered, “Or knowing Trump sahib, bed would be better! Come drink, your woman won’t say anything! Donald has won us a victory!”
I managed to free myself, glancing at windows where women looked westward fearfully, I nodded at them as they looked dejectedly at me; Trump had surely won back lost turf. I shook my head, nearly getting knocked down by the unruly stream of urchins, walking along hitting everybody with cricket bats and hockey sticks. “Watch out!” I said. “You watch out old man!” said the leader, shoving me to the side of the road with his bat as the others laughed and used hockey sticks to trip me. I fell, “Why?” I whispered. “Why?” they laughed all together, “Because we are the new D Gang!” “The D gang?” I asked looking in the direction of Pakistan.
“The Donald gang!” shouted the leader, as hockey sticks and cricket bats were raised in the direction of America, “Our new role model, Mr Trump. His philosophy; beat them, badger them, blast them, suits us well..!” I lay on the side of the road, realizing Donald had quite a following in my country, already..!

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