Trumps enrages Muslims

THOSE who were expecting that some of the anti-Muslim announcement by Donald Trump during presidential election campaign were mere election rhetoric and sanity would prevail once he lands in the White House have been proven wrong. After persistently and forcefully implementing his move to ban entry of Muslims in the United States from seven Muslim States despite initial hiccups by the judiciary, President Trump has declared his intention to implement his plan for shifting of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, categorically stating that he considers the city, which has historic and religious importance for Muslims, as capital of the Jewish State.
Trump has initiated the process that would ultimately lead to shifting of the embassy and thereby killing prospects of a peaceful resolution of Arab-Israeli conflict. Mr. Trump obviously fulfilled a formality by informing some Arab leaders of his decision and all of them warned him that the move would constitute a flagrant provocation for Muslims all over the world and that it would have dangerous consequences for peace and security of the region and the globe. The decision would also complicate the peace process and embolden Israel to continue with its illegal occupation of Arab and Palestinian territories. Chief of Hamas has rightly pointed out that a shift of the embassy and recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital would amount to crossing “every red line”. The United States has openly been favouring and protecting Israel at the cost of human rights of Palestinians but the latest move severely dents credibility and potential of Washington as honest broker and leaves no incentive or hope for Palestinians to pursue the dialogue process. This is because Palestinians rightly claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state, and according to 1993 Israel-Palestinian peace accords, its final status is meant to be discussed in the latter stages of peace talks. Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem has never been recognised internationally, and all countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv. Turkish President has threatened that his country would sever ties with Israel in retaliation but this is not enough. An emergency meeting of the OIC should be convened and a collective strategy adopted to safeguard interests of Muslim Ummah and legitimate rights of Palestinians.

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