Trump’s America

Sadia Khan
Via Email

Multiple protests have been witnessed in America especially in the well-known streets of New York as population gathers against President Donald Trump and his policies. Americans are in danger of being divided as the curbed racism has once more bubbled up due to unfit policies. Some major events which further incited the protests includes the reinstatement of abortion gag rule which puts the life of thousands of American women in danger, the announcement of US-Mexico border wall which is going to be a burden of more than 12 billion dollars on US economy, the ban on immigrants who are a victim of terrorism and the ban on travellers from seven Muslim countries.
Black listing seven Muslim countries has earned Trump’s administration worldwide protests. The administration is failing not only in keeping peace within the states but has also put US ties with other countries at stake. Many countries including Britain, France and Germany have condemned the ban on the travellers. Iraq which has been a US ally in war against ISIS has expressed astonishment on being blacklisted. Targeting Muslim countries and the Muslims reflects the sectarianism and racism in America. Weak policies of Donald Trump are a proof that the so-called peace protectors are themselves cause of unrest in the world.

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