Trump-Xi positive contact

US President Donald Trump has broken the ice with Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter that said he looked forward to working with him to develop a constructive relationship that benefits both the countries. Trump was responding to message of felicitation sent by the Chinese leader on his assumption of the office of the US President.
Though it was an exchange of courtesy and customary messages but the Chinese side gave it a substance when its Foreign Ministry spokesperson said China attaches great importance to its relations with the US and that the two sides have maintained close communication since Trump took over. China and the United States are two dominant global players and the world can ill-afford any tension or conflict between them. There have been apprehensions that relations between the two countries could turn sour if threats of increased import duties on Chinese goods are implemented by Washington, any policy decision on the issue of South China Sea and status of One China. Fortunately, the Trump administration has not so far made any statement or taken measure that could negatively impact Sino-US relationship and instead the letter to the Chinese President reflects positive thinking. Hopefully, this spirit would be maintained in days to come and there would be no practical demonstration of oft-repeated US desire to contain China. Already, Beijing has genuine grievances that India was being geared-up by the West especially the United States to take on China both in military and economic terms but despite all this the Chinese leadership is treading the path very carefully and with great restraint.

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