Trump vs North Korea

US President Donald Trump has proposed complete destruction of North Korea while addressing the UN General Assembly. In his zeal to overpower Korea, he has perhaps ignored its disastrous consequences for the entire world. The war is never a solution to any problem. The rush to judgment must be avoided. It hampers clear thinking. Korean Nuclear Programme is the chord of tension between these two nations. I think it is wrong for America to dismantle other nation’s Nuclear Program. North Korea should also try to amicable settle its disputes. We are shocked over such an irresponsible statement of American President. American Administration should exercise complete restraint from taking such a drastic step. No one has the magic wand to make the problems disappear. We must work through international organizations to find peaceful solution. Trump seems to be caught up in asserting his dominance in the world. As a world leader he should act wisely and lead the world with his political acumen. Maturity is a pre-requisite for a world leader. He can do anything even going to war. He is no different from Presidents Bush Sr, and Bush Jr, who can be dubbed as the architects of Iraq and Afghan wars respectively. Millions of Muslims were killed in both these wars. And millions of others sought refuge elsewhere. Pakistan shared the bulk of the immigrants from Afghanistan. What did America gain from these wars? The United Nations should play its role in keeping both the nations pacified.

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