Trump to visit UK-come what may


Sohail Iqbal


British Prime Minister, Theresa May refused to back down and insists that invitation to US President Donald Trump for UK visit still stands.
Demonstrations took place in a number of UK Cities with thousands of protesters showed their opposition to Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban demanding cancellation of US President proposed visit to U.K.
British PM speaking at a Press Conference in Dublin, dismissed a petition signed by 1.4million Britons that demands to revoke UK’s invitation to President Trump who has sparked global outrage after imposing ban on seven Muslim countries.
Theresa May after her meeting with US President has confirmed that most U.K. Citizen will not be affected by the US “Muslim Ban”
Refusing to back down on an invitation to US president, British PM said: “The US is close ally of the U.K. We work together across many areas of mutual interest and we have that special relationship between us” and added “I have informally issued that invitation for a state visit for President Trump to the U.K. and that invitation stands”.
Mrs May came under fire over the weekend for initially refusing to condemn President Trump’s executive order suspending the granting of visas to seven Muslim countries.
Trumps upcoming state visit to Briton has become hot topic in recent days due to 1.4million people demanding its revocation. The petition, available of the Government’s website, states: “Prevent Donald Trump for making a state visit to the United Kingdom”.

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