Trump springs surprises

CONTRARY to his controversial remarks and speeches during election campaign, US President-elect Donald Trump is springing surprises by issuing reconciliatory and soothing statements. Lately, he has declared to pursue a non-interventionist military policy vowing to “stop racing to topple foreign regimes that we know nothing about, that we shouldn’t be involved with”. Donald also pledged that instead of investing in wars he would spend money on building America’s ageing roads, bridges and airports.
The United States has been pursuing the policy of ‘regime change’ and ‘preventive attacks’ and as a result we see a number of hot-spots in different parts of the globe. The policy of regime change created turmoil and insecurity in otherwise stable Middle East. The world has been opposing this policy and approach because no country has the right to impose its will, decisions or way of life and governance on others. Being only super power of the world, it is responsibility of the United States to play its role in promoting global peace and security. It is encouraging that the President-elect is conveying positive signals to different parts of the world because of his reconciliatory tone and peaceful overtures. Trump was necessarily referring to Iraq when he opposed the policy of regime change but same should also be true for other countries as there should be respect for each and every sovereign country. Similarly, no one would oppose focus on fighting IS and terrorism but at the same time it is also expected that the new US President and his Administration would also give attention to unresolved issues and factors leading to extremism and terrorism. The desire of the President-elect to strengthen existing friendships and seek out new ones is also appreciable as is pledge to bring the policy of ‘intervention and chaos’ to an end. If Mr. Trump transforms his pronouncements and commitments into reality after coming into power, we are sure the history would always remember him for restoring much-needed peace and security to the globe. His focus on pursuing developmental projects at home would also translate into intensified regional, global trade and economic cooperation.

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