Trump policy

Asim Iqbal

The crisis over the visa restrictions for seven pre-dominantly Muslim countries is deepening day by day and US President Donald Trump is facing severe criticism for his action. Four US States have gone to court against the move. Demonstrations are also taking place and not only Muslims but the members of other religious communities, in large number, are participating to show solidarity with Muslims. The whole scenario unfolds two things – first – Americans are worried about their security and for this they can go to any extant and – second – Americans are very conscious of their democratic norms and they are committed to saving them at any cost.
As a matter of fact, it is President Trump’s foremost duty to protect his citizens. So far as the public agitation is concerned it is a part of democracy and people have the right to show their resentment on any issue or decision through peaceful means. Here we should not forget that Trump is elected president and he is embodying his election promises. In spite of protest and legal battle against the executive order it is reality that, as per the media polls, majority of Americans are in favour of visa ban for those who are threat to the security of their country. According to US media more than 49 percent people are with Trump while the ratio of opponents is about 41 percent. It shows very clearly that majority is supporting the presidential move.
Europe is also raising voice against banning citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the US. While in Pakistan discontent is evident too. Most people are taking Trump to task and the prophecies, that the United States will have to face the bad consequences, are also the part of discussions.
The argument that people are fleeing from their homelands because of US-imposed wars is not totally correct. For instance, the nature of conflicts in Syria and Yemen is of sectarian nature and Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting proxy wars at the cost of Syrians and Yemenis. Libya and Somalia are too facing civil war. We should remember every country has the right to close its borders for unwanted people such as we do not want to bring back the stranded Pakistanis from Bangladesh and want to expel Afghan refugees. Similarly it is also the right of Trump’s government to stop people of other countries from entering the US.

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