Trump-North Korea deal a giant leap towards world peace, prosperity: Pak- US Business Council


LAHORE : Founder President Pak US Business Council and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Senior Vice President (SVP) Iftikhar Ali Malik Wednesday welcoming historic agreement between North Korea and US in Singapore hoped that this is a positive step towards denuclearization of Korean peninsula and giant leap towards global peace and prosperity.

In his statement issued here today, Iftikhar Ali Malik said “I offer my heartfelt congratulations and welcome the success of the historic North Korea-United States summit which has helped break down the last remaining Cold War legacy on Earth.” He urged all those concerned to “seize this momentous opportunity” and again offered UN help to achieve the goal of dismantling North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. He further said this is a positive development. Pakistan has always supported all efforts to bring about peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and diplomacy.

He added: “There is much work to be done, and we hope that Kim continues to negotiate in good faith towards complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearisation.” Iftikhar Malik said Pakistan is a great and peace loving country which had always stood along with world to contribute to global stability and prosperity. “We all need to invest in peace instead of war. We want and we are working with the world in a cooperative framework,” he added.

Taking this agreement a golden opportunity for both the nuclear armed arch rivals India and Pakistan to follow this example of historic achievement and resolved their all issues through dialogue for the betterment of the South Asian region. He also advocated denuclearisation of the South Asia region. “Animosity between Pakistan and India is as old as that between North and South Korea. If they can decide to denuclearise, why can’t we,” he said. “More people-to-people contact is the only way to reduce the animosity between the populace of both nations. There should also be a peace ceremony on the border allowing people to interact.”

He said Pakistan believed that building of economic corridor was conducive to promoting connectivity and shared prosperity of the entire region and added Pakistan believed in cooperative relations with all its neighbours on the basis of mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

Iftikhar Malik further said that Pakistan believes in regional development through the platform of SAARC as it was the way forward for peace in the region. The region had abundant human and natural resources, with one-fifth of the humanity and untapped opportunities for the development of the region, he added. He said the social charter of the organisation was the real way forward and Pakistan would support all initiatives by SAARC in this regard.`

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