Trump & Merkel: No shake hands?


Muhammad Ali Baig

WHAT does Trump reflected when he refused to shake hands with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel? In her recent visit to Washington, what made Merkel to say that “We should talk to each other instead of talking about each other”? The first thing arises in one’s mind after listening to her statement is that; ‘Is Trump going to become another Franklin D. Roosevelt’? Merkel’s statement reflects that perhaps she is aware of Trump’s plans. Trump has overtly called the European Union “a vehicle for German domination” and his demand to extort $345b dollars from Germany is in fact the beginning of an ugly hostility. Isn’t it extortion that America wants from Germany?
German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel is right to reject U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s demand to increase Germany’s defence budget from 40b Euros to 70b Euros, since Germany is spending huge amount of money on refugees coming from those regions which were in fact destabilized by Americans. Trump’s protectionism is causing a clash over German steel industry and American steel industry. It is indeed a difficult time for Germany, internally as well as externally. Germany is only country in Europe that is still open to refugees and foreign immigrants. It is pertinent to mention here that in 2014 Germany was the only country in NATO that opposed armed response against Russia over over the Annexation of Crimea by Kremlin. Germany understands that Moscow under leadership of ambitious and wise Putin is on its way towards resurgence and resurrection and does not intend to be in its way.
Why the Western World feels threatened by the re-unification of Germany and its growing influence in the world affairs? From its re-unification in 1990 till 2010; in just 20 years of time, the German nation has again achieved the status of a great power and its decisive role in the P5+1 Iranian N-deal can be taken as a precedent. One thing may sound a bit strange, but the Iranian Nuclear Deal offended Israel greatly and perhaps the international Jewry and Zionist organizations are again active to bring down or perhaps isolate Germany. Reuters reported that the scheduled meeting between German FM Sigmar Gabriel with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on April 25 last month was cancelled by Netanyahu due to Gabriel’s righteous acts to meet whistleblowers within Israel about Tel Aviv’s atrocities towards Palestinians. Also, the influential role of Israeli lobby in the American Administration and foreign policy decision-making is an open secret.
Germany must break the shackles and rise, while, the Brexit and the potential Frexit is an opportunity for Germany to make new friends. The German Civil and Military establishments have to understand that the coming couple of years are going to be pretty hard for Germany to pursue a relatively neutral and moral foreign policy. Germany has to build strong ties with Russia and China in order to counter-balance the May-Trump-Pen or Macron alliance. Theresa May in Britain, Donald Trump in America and potentially Pen or Macron in France would be the beginning of what historically happened while Churchill, Roosevelt and Paul Reynaud were in power in their respective countries. Germany must enhance and strengthen its relations with its historical ally – Turkey as well. Amazingly, exactly 100 years ago Germany’s today’s so-called friends were busy in a collective effort to bring down Bismarck’s glorious German Empire.
Brave, innovative and resilient Deutsche people have worked their bones off to re-unify East Germany and West Germany and now in less than thirty years of their re-unification, they are again feeling being threatened by their sceptical friends and allies. Ostensibly, Germany’s development and commitment towards a positive and healthier Europe while completely upholding liberal values are hard to digest by its so-called allies. It would be in Germany’s best interest to adopt a highly outward foreign policy while strengthening economic and military relations with East and South.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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