Trump-Kim historic meeting

AFTER many ups and downs that put a question mark on the possibility of talks between leadership of the United States and North Korea, President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong Un not only had a historic meeting in Singapore on Tuesday but also signed an agreement that could prove to be harbinger of peace on the Korean Peninsula. The meeting was the first time a sitting US President has met North Korea’s leader and according to analysts, caps a remarkable turnaround for the two.
The meeting itself is a significant breakthrough as the two countries have been trading threats, raising apprehensions that the ugly war of words could turn into a physical conflict endangering peace in the entire region. While the summit focused on nuclear disarmament and reducing tensions, the agreement said the two countries would co-operate towards ‘new relations’ and the US would provide ‘security guarantees’ to North Korea. On nuclear weapons, Mr Kim ‘reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula’. Observers say the document lacks substance, in particular on how de-nuclearisation would be achieved yet what the two leaders told newsmen indicate that the two countries have reached an understanding on how to proceed ahead to implement their deal. The US President announced cancellation of provocative war games with South Korea and North Korea agreed to a verified process of de-nuclearisation besides destruction of a major missile engine-testing site. Though some US commentators claimed that the US President has given up much than what he secured but it is important that the crippling sanctions against the North would stay intact. This means the US would have a tool and leverage to get its demands met by the North in follow up talks that officials of the two countries are scheduled to hold in near future. The summit is being viewed as a major morale booster for North Korea as its leader had talks with the American President on an equal footing in the backdrop of US reluctance to enter into direct talks with the North. The summit has raised hopes that one of the major trouble spots of the world could calm down provided the US President lives up to the understanding and doesn’t make a U-turn as he did in the case of Iranian nuclear deal.

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