Trump elevation as US President disappoints women


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump participates in a roundtable discussion on national security in his offices in Trump Tower in New York, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. At right is Ret. Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Sophia Siddiqui

ISLAMABAD The selection of Donald Trump as new President of United States (US) is a shock for all.No doubt, Trump is not good option.All Pakistanis are concerned what the future of Pak-US relations will be.The Pak-US cold relations will remain the same.However, Pakistani women believed that Trump selection has proved that there is no space for woman as president in a country where women make 50.6 percent of total population.
According to United States of America (USA) Population there are 50.6 percent women in USA. Likewise in Pakistan the women in USA are expected to be more competent in dealing with social issues such as education, welfare, and environment, which involve looking after the most vulnerable sections of society, while men are expected to be better at handling issues such as foreign policy, defense, and the economy, which require them to make decisions about the overall safety and security of the country and deal with threat.
Since the office of the president is associated with “male” issues such as foreign policy, defense and the economy, it is often considered “masculine.”
In terms of emotions, considering that women have traditionally played the roles of nurturer and caregiver, they are commonly associated with emotions such as happiness, embarrassment, surprise, sadness, disgust, warmth, fear, anxiety, and shame. Men, on the other hand, are associated while anger, contempt, and pride.
Donald Trump won the US presidential election by huge margin of 278 electoral votes. His opponent was Hilary Clinton who is wife of former president Bill Clinton. The correspondent talked to many women/girls in Pakistan ‘s capital Islamabad.
Pakistani senior politician Sharry Rehman expressed that US elections are totally bound with USA, Pakistan must not take it so serious. She added that people should not worry about it. Pakistan relationship with US will remain cold as previous and added that Pakistanis should be united said Sharry
Asma Shaheen a dual national Pakistani citizen said it was unexpected decision. “I can’t believe what the people of US did, Shaheen said adding Trump was not good option but selected “. He is out spoken and business man.
Mrs Ahmed a 38 year collage teacher said US always talked about women and equal gender opportunity for both gender but the people of USA proved that they don’t like a women president “. He is extremists and look like angry all the time.
Sadia Jamal a senior journalist and social activist was seemed unpleasant on the selection of trump. She further said American are biggest fan of democracy and they want empower women but in fact the are reluctant to choose a women president.
A public sector female officer said it is not important who won or defeated in the election but more important is Pak-Us relations which should be strengthened in future.

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