Trump is courting the wrath of God by ignoring Climate Change: California governor Brown


NEW YORK :The Democratic governor of California — United States’ most populous state — has denounced President Donald Trump’s for withdrawing the country from the Paris Climate Agreement, saying he does not appear to fear the “wrath of God” or have any regard for the “existential consequences” of his environmental policies. I don’t think President Trump has a fear of the Lord, the fear of the wrath of God, which leads one to more humility … this is such a reckless disregard for the truth and for the existential consequences that can be unleashed, Governor Jerry Brown said in an interview on CBS-TV current affairs programme “60 Minutes,” which is set to air on Sunday night. Brown, who studied to become a Jesuit priest prior to entering politics, has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration. His latest comments come as the southern portion of California battles massive wildfires that in just a few days have damaged thousands of acres of property and destroyed hundreds of buildings. Trump declared a state of emergency in California, which permits federal assistance to supplement the state and local response to the fires. The order allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts in the areas affected by the wildfires. Northern California grappled with a series of wildfires earlier this year that took the lives of 44 people and resulted in billions of dollars of damage. In the interview, Governor Brown also pushed back on Republican arguments that aggressive environmental policies stunt economic growth.

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