Trump country..!

It is the year 2030, and a plane flies low over a barren land below. Passengers dozing off are suddenly wide awake as they hear the crackle of the flight loud speaker system, “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, we now fly over what was once the United States of America! I’d advice you to close your shades as the scenes below could be quite graphic and most horrifying!
The chief flight steward will answer any questions you have!”
“Mrs Desai, Mrs Desai,” shouted the chief flight steward as she rushes to a passenger, “Here are some tissues to wipe your tears. Didn’t the captain tell you not to look out?
Yes, I know, you saw people shouting down below for bread and water? It’s horrible! Those people think this is a plane bearing food packets for them, but looking at the way you all have heartily eaten your meals, there are no left overs we can throw out for them!”
“How did this happen?” asked a passenger from the second row. “In fact we always fly over this huge, desolate land mass to get to Canada.
Wasn’t this a country before?” “Sir,” said the flight steward as all the passengers listened intently, “This was once the greatest country in the world! And then they elected a man named Trump!” whispered the flight attendant reading from a history book.
“Why are the buildings in ruins? Didn’t he like towers?” “He built towers!” said the attendant quietly, “Then started building anger, fear and hate!” “Was he the one who imitated an Indian call centre employee during his election campaign?” asked Mrs Desai.
“Yes he did and banned outsourcing of anything outside America!” “But isn’t that a good thing?” asked a passenger in the first row.
“That’s what his voters thought!” said the flight attendant sadly, “But didn’t realise they were paid nearly four times what a worker outside their country was earning. So the American started making his own products and the cost of everything went up many times.
Nobody could afford to buy them, and the economy slumped!” “I believe he stopped immigrants?” asked a lady peeping out of her seat. “Immigrants who worked hard and paid taxes, and with no taxes being paid, there was no money to run the country. Trump also started a hate campaign against certain communities and after that no American was safe outside their country! So they couldn’t even leave!”
“Oh the poor things!” said Mrs Desai as she looked out of the window. There was a thud as something hit the plane, “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking, fasten your seat belts as we raise our altitude, that was the sound of sticks and stones thrown by their army!”
“I believe it is not called America anymore?” asked a little girl. “No,” said the attendant, “It’s called Trump Country..!”

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