Trump considering ‘brand new’ immigration order


Warns Iran president he ‘better be careful’


Fresh from a legal setback to his travel ban, US President Donald Trump expressed confidence on Friday that his order would be upheld by the courts, and promised to introduce additional national security steps next week.
Trump’s executive order banning entry to the United States by refugees and by citizens of seven Muslim-majority was put on hold by a federal judge in Seattle last week, and that suspension was upheld by an appeals court in San Francisco on Thursday.
The White House is not ruling out the possibility of rewriting Trump’s Jan 27 order in light of the court actions, an administration official said.
Trump’s order, which he has called a national security measure to head off attacks by militants, barred people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days, except refugees from Syria, who are banned indefinitely.
“We are going to do whatever’s necessary to keep our country safe,” Trump said during a White House news conference with visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The Republican president did not answer directly when he was asked whether he would sign a new travel ban. “We’ll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. You’ll be seeing that sometime next week,” Trump added.
“And ultimately I have no doubt that we’ll win that particular case,” he added, referring to Thursday’s ruling by a three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The administration could appeal the 9th Circuit ruling to the US Supreme Court as early as Friday.
Trump said that as president, he has learned of “tremendous threats to our country”.
“We’ll be going forward and continuing to do things to make our country safe. It will happen rapidly,” he told reporters.
“We will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm,” he said. “We will allow lots of people into our country that will love our people and do good for our country.”
Meanwhile, Donald Trump dialed up the rhetoric against Iran on Friday, warning the country´s president he “better be careful” about his words.
The war-of-words between Tehran and Washington escalated as President Hassan Rouhani and Trump traded threats and warnings. Rouhani told a crowd of hundreds of thousands marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution that “the Iranian people must be spoken to with respect.”
“Iranians will make those using threatening language against this nation regret it,” he said. “Anyone threatening Iran´s government and armed forces should know that our nation is vigilant.” Trump was asked about the remarks later, responding that “he better be careful.” The US president has toughened the rhetoric against Iran considerably since coming to office.—Reuters/AFP

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