Trump: 9/11 may happen again


Muhammad Ali Baig

Power can be characterized as the most dangerous entity on the planet earth. It demands certain decisions and actions which otherwise no one can even imagine to think of. The history of the mankind is a witness to that unique yet treacherous phenomenon. While talking about power, the Neo-Classical realist school of thought of the realist tradition believes that leaders act under the influence of the opinion of the people at-large and give special attention to the domestic constraints.
Also the beliefs and perceptions of the leaders act as intervening variables. If one looks at the Trump Administration under this lens then it would be clear that his decisions, actions and policies are completely overshadowed by his personality and are further amplified by the internal restraints and impediments. Trump has been pretty much unfortunate that though it was able to achieve popular vote in the American Electoral College but it failed to attract the media and the American Diaspora in his favour. His nationalistic and patriotic fervour has been disseminated in a negative way due to his unique fiery speeches and lack of accurate knowledge about international and national incidents. Perhaps it is one of the reasons that the travel ban imposed by Trump Administration was not received by overwhelming acceptance and recognition. It is pertinent to examine and scrutinize the people who have surrounded Trump from the time while he was campaigning and since he assumed the office. One thing that is common among his comrades is nationalism and the feelings of being left behind or betrayed.
On February 27, 1933, the German Parliament (Reichstag) was set on fire and the responsibility was fixed on a Dutch communist named as Marinus van der Lubbe. Subsequently, on March 24, parliament passed a unanimous resolution known as the “Enabling Act” that suspended various civil rights and the press. Before that incident, Hitler was offered heavy resistance by the press and opposition parties. Many believe that Reichstag Fire was an inside job that was focused to bring desired results. False-flag operations have always served as a tool for leaders to mould or pave the public opinion in their favour and are ultimately used to achieve the national interests. Trump seems pretty much adamant of his ambitions to “Make America Great Again”.
In this pursuit it would not be a surprise that his National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. McMaster, Secretary Homeland Security Gen. Kelly and Defence Secretary Gen. Mattis along with other high ranking officials such as Steve Bannon; the White House Chief Strategist, may devise a false flag operation just like the 9/11 and Reichstag Fire, orchestrated against the American people, to pave the way for public opinion and ultimately may enact another “U.S. Patriot Act”. Lt. Gen. McMaster’s book “Dereliction of Duty” (1997) reflects his personality and determination to achieve American goals at the cost of almost anything.
Gen. Kelly lost his son 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly in Afghanistan in 2010 and Gen. Mattis is a bachelor with unprecedented determination. These three men with distinguished military careers can surprise analysts with their skills and motivation. Germans like Trump and Hitler have a lot in common; both adopted mercantilist economic policies with hyper protectionism and promised to bring the jobs back home with their respective “country-first policy”.
The American media has to criticize Trump overtly due to their moral obligations and liberal values but they are with him unconditionally in a clandestine manner. CNN’s recent report indicates that during Trump’s first 30-days the stock market has grown by 3.8%. It is one of the reasons that the true patriot American people have undying confidence in Trump that was shown by them in November last year. It is a fact that Ku Klux Klan and late George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party is in power in America and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Trump would do anything to consolidate power in its own hands since he is not a racist but just being a patriot. It can be said that people may find themselves wrong in believing that Trump would be impeached. Trump would not only complete this tenure but he will be elected for the next term as well. He is the only hope for America to bring it back on the leadership stature in this anarchy-dominated growing multi-polar world. Though it is premature to say, but surely Trump is the most skilled and confident president America has ever got.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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