True contentment..!

SOMETHING I used to find in my country previously was the contentment we had without having too much. However, suddenly there is a yearning for better phones, cars, TVs all with hope of getting joy and happiness.
A sannyasi found an unusual stone which he suspected was a diamond and took it with him. He slept the night under a tree in a village. Early the next morning a villager came rushing to the spot where he lay, “Holy man,” shouted the villager, “I dreamt last night you possessed a precious stone. If so would you give it to me?” “This is what I have,” said the sannyasi, “You may have it.” And so saying he handed the diamond to the man.
The villager couldn’t believe his eyes. Being a jeweler he immediately recognized the value of the stone. He thanked the holy man took it home. But at night he couldn’t rest. He kept tossing and turning in his sleep.
The next morning he rushed to where he had found the sannyasi the previous day but the holy man had left. He ran after him and finally managed to track him down.
Falling at his feet, he said, “Here, take the diamond. Give me instead, the wealth within you that allows you to give this stone away..!” We are so afraid to let go what we have. We hold on to wealth, we fight over property, and won’t share or give our money away; afraid to let go. As a shopkeeper lay dying, his entire family gathered round his bed. His eyesight was poor, so he asked, “Where is my son Sunil?”
“He is right here,” answered his wife. “Where are Sheila and Pravin?” “They’re here too.” “And what about my youngest Dilip?” “He’s the one rubbing your feet,” replied his wife. “Then who is the one looking after my shop?” screamed the dying man and breathed his last.
And that is what we are bothered about all the time, “Who is minding the store? How stable are our investments? How safe is the bank? I know a very religious old couple who one day found their bank had crashed and that they had lost their whole life savings of nearly twenty five lakhs. “I reached home just in time,” said their son to me, “to prevent them from committing suicide!”
A king once asked his sage how to find everlasting happiness. The sage said, “Sir you must wear the shirt of a happy man for a day.” The king sent out soldiers in search of a happy man and they finally found a man who lived a very happy life. “Can you lend us your shirt for a day,” the soldiers asked, “the King needs it.”
“I’m sorry,” laughed the man, “but I have no shirt!” Think about it, do you need so much when true contentment means letting go and having little..!

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