Troops for KSA

THE ISPR, on Thursday, announced that Pakistan Army would be deploying troops in Saudi Arabia under an existing bilateral security pact. A press release, issued after Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa and Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Saeed Al-Maliki meeting, explained that the contingent is being sent to KSA on training and advice mission.
Military cooperation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia – two brotherly countries with a history of cordial ties – is nothing new as troops remained stationed in the Kingdom in the past as well. This cooperation did not threaten any third country, as the objective was to extend a helping hand to KSA in safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistani troops were neither used against any other country in the past nor they would be used now but still some vested interests are trying to give wrong meanings to the development. There was absolutely no justification to allege that the Pakistani troops will have anything to do with Yemen crisis, as Islamabad did not send troops when such demands were made during peak of the war. Saudi Arabia is facing genuine threats and the entire Pakistani nation stands behind the repeated commitments made by our leadership that the country would do everything to safeguard integrity, solidarity and security of the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia is home to the holiest shrines of Islam and every Muslim is duty bound to play the part in protecting these sites. Otherwise too, we must not forget that it is Saudi Arabia, which came to the rescue of Pakistan on a number of occasions to bail out Pakistan economically or provide much needed diplomatic support at regional and international fora.

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