Triple Talaq against Holy Qur’an

Triple Talaq, as practised in India, is against the principles of the Holy Quran and the law of the land. Why should the Constitution of India allow Muslim husbands to perform Triple Talaq to their wives as they have to suffer the consequences with no alimony at all throughout their life? By merely pronouncing Triple Talaq verbally or through social media is sinful because the man violates the sanctity of marriage and dehumanises the woman.
It is a sad thing that the Muslim Personal Law Board continues its negative stand on the issue of Triple Talaq. It was hoped that being citizens of a democratic, progressive and responsive society, the Indian Muslim clerics and other religious leaders would support steps that empower Muslim women and discard gender discriminatory practices such as Triple Talaq. As many as 22 Muslim countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, have abandoned such medieval anti-women measures explicitly or implicitly.
Thanks to Indian Muslim women’s campaign against Triple Talaq and their approach to the Supreme Court, the latter dismissed it as illegal and unconstitutional. In response to the demands for legislation, a Bill is already being enacted. How can any caring and responsible elected administration even think of doing something to ‘destroy Muslim families’? If the All India Muslim Personal Law Board is genuinely concerned, why can’t they propose suitable reforms in the proposed Bill, instead of indulging in an aggressive propaganda? According to Mark, Chapter 10, verse 9 the he Holy Bible tells us that ‘What God has put together let no man asunder’ This means that when a couple gets married, God is the one that puts them together, and no man should try to separate them.
Mumbai, India

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