Tribute paid for achievements accomplished during six decades


Embassy of Tunisia celebrates National Day of Diplomacy

Staff Reporter

Tunisia has commemorated the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the celebration of the National Day of Diplomacy.
This event aimed at paying tribute to the achievements accomplished by the Tunisian diplomacy for more than six decades and its effective contribution in maintaining international peace and security, resolving conflicts with peaceful means, and reinforcing the values of tolerance and solidarity.
Leader and father of the Nation Habib Bourguiba, was appointed at that time as the first Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs after the independence of the country. He created the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 3rd of May 1956 which means some weeks after the Independence, set the principles and the fundamentals of the modern Tunisian diplomacy which aiming to serving Tunisia’s high interests at bilateral and multilateral levels and consolidating of its relations with brotherly and friendly countries.
The main principles of the Tunisian Diplomacy are Clinging to peace by favoring the logic of dialogue, negotiation and peaceful ways for the settlement of disputes and conflicts, Supporting just causes and Contributing to all efforts and actions in favor of peace, security and stability.
The Tunisia diplomatic corps are always committed to follow these supreme principles and to work on defending on their country’s interests and its presence among nations.
In addition, the Tunisian diplomacy is still playing its remarkable role in highlighting the Tunisian revolution of freedom and dignity at the international scene and the process of the democratic transition. This effort made by the Tunisian diplomacy enabled the country to be highly respected by its partners and various components of the international community.

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