Tribals vow to defend country side-by-side with forces

Tribesmen protest at Torkham, Chaman against Trump’s new policy

Nasib Shah Shinwari


Hundreds of tribal elders, political party leaders and social activists took out a rally against Trump’s anti-Pakistan policy and hold a protest demonstration at Pak-Afghan border Torkham and burnt the effigy of American president ‘Donal Trump’ on Monday. Like the other parts of the country an anti-trump rally and demonstration held at Torkham where a large number of locals, tribal elders and political party leaders from three subdivisions of Khyber Agency participated and denounced Donald Trump’s anti-Pakistan statement and policy.
Malak Waris Khan Afridi, tribal elder; Malak Darya Khan Afridi, JI leader; Haji Muqtadir Afridi, PTI youth leader Shahid Shinwari, Malak Abdur Razaq Afridi, Malak Masal Shinwari, Custom clearance agents association chairman Mairaj Uddin Shinwari addressed the protesters at Torkham and rejected the anti-Pakistan announcement of US president. The speakers said the tribal people of FATA will fight side by side with army to defend Pakistan and will fail every conspiracy against their homeland. The protesters were holding Pakistan national flags, banners and placards inscribed with pro Pakistan and anti-America statements. They were shouting anti-America slogans.
Meanwhile, the Babe-i-Pakistan gate on the Pak-Afghan border at Torkhum has been shut closed for all type of movement. The security sources said that the border closure came about as a pre-emptive step in light of the rally.
A similar protest was also staged in Chaman, where various political parties, tribesmen and members of civil society gathered near the Pak-Afghan border to voice their concerns regarding the US president’s speech. Waving national flags, the protesters walked through various parts of the city while chanting slogans against President Trump. Security sources said that strict measures were adopted to avoid occurrence of any untoward incident during the protest.
A protest rally was also taken out in Balochistan’s Kohlu, where flag waving tribesmen passed through the city and chanted slogans. In Sibi, tribesmen, members of civil society and political party workers took to the streets to condemn the US president’s stance against Pakistan, while vowing to defend the country against any external threats.

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