Tree plantation drive starts at IIUI

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Islamabad—President International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh and Indonesian Minister Counselor Samsu Rizal inaugurated fourth leg of tree plantation drive at the new campus of the university.
The Indonesian Minister Counselor said on the occasion that the plantation drive is an omen of reconnecting with the nature and showing concern to address the issue of global warming.
He said that global warming and deforestation are the threats which must be dealt on priority basis as the forecasts are worrisome regarding change in weather patterns.
He urged for strong commitment to establish greenhouses and initiate tree plantations while calling upon the governments of all the nations that emergency steps be taken to save the planet. “Planting one tree means planting a whole living system” he said.
Samsu Rizal also hailed IIUI for its services to Muslim world while saying that university has produced numerous Indonesian graduates who are efficiently contributing to the progress of Indonesia and Muslim Ummah.
He furthered that, after dedicated struggle of four decades, the university has emerged as world class seat of learning and academic excellence.
President IIUI said on the occasion that university is committed to protect environment and it is educating its students with the blend of Islamic teachings so they might be able to take positive steps with better guidance in terms of saving the planet from the adverse effects of global warming, deforestation and emissions.
Dr. Al-Draiweesh also said the Indonesian students at IIUI campus are being treated as own children. He told the diplomat that IIUI is working with Indonesian universities in the field of mutual cooperation and soon the university would hold a lecture on “Iqbal’s thoughts” at Darul Slam University, Indonesia.
The IIUI President also conveyed his felicitations to the new Ambassador of Indonesia to Pakistan and invited him to visit the university. Earlier, Dr. Al-Draiweesh also presented a souvenir to the Indonesian Minister Counselor.

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