Transport problems

Ghansham Rathore

Karachi is the fastest growing mega city in the world both in percentage and figure terms. Its population is increasing with every passing day, but transport related problems have increased considerably in Karachi. Tens of thousands of public transport passengers are killed or injured every year in accidents. Many buses do not even have doors and windows that can be closed, and that only encourages passengers to ride by protruding from inside the vehicle or by hanging on from outside. Clearly, riding on the roofs or sides of buses is inherently unsafe and results directly from the severe under-capacity of public transport systems in Karachi. Slow, uncomfortable, undependable and unsafe conditions lead to altercation and brawl of passengers. These congested conditions in public transport vehicles, stations, and rights of way not only slow down travel but make it outright dangerous. Govt should take considerate measures to solve this issue on a priority basis and make the citizen of Karachi healthy and jolly minded.

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