Transport problems

Shabia Bashir Chouhan

Public transport is widely used by citizens of Karachi as it is less costly compared to driving our own vehicles and also help in reducing traffic congestion. But nowadays transport system in city tells a sad tale. The continuous lack of public transport has badly affected the lives of residents. On other hand, recent ban on motorcycle rickshaw has further aggravated problems for the residents.
In addition to it, transport that is currently plying is not so well in condition. Irregular schedule causes frequent delays and long waits. Moreover, lack of maintenance of the vehicles is another problem, most of the transport is found to be in poor condition, seats and windows are broken or in dirty condition. During peak hours the public transport is always overloaded with passengers, causing it to be too crowded due to lack of seats. Karachites only demand alternative transportation. Thus I strongly urge the relevant authorities to take serious notice of the problem and take steps to solve it as soon as possible.

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