Transport policy

THE PML (N) government in the last Cabinet meeting approved national transport policy envisaging urban transport master plan for all the big cities besides overhauling rail, air, trucking transport system. It also focuses on enhancing the usage of non-motorised transport with increased focus to the provision of public transport services and integration to other modes.
Indeed a comprehensive transport policy was need of the hour to provide better travelling facilities to commuters but its announcement at the end of term by PML (N) was quite surprising though we expect that the next government besides bringing necessary improvement in the policy will implement it as development of a modern transport and its related infrastructure is imperative to bring visible change in day-to-day needs of the people, especially those who cannot afford to have their own cars and vehicles for travelling. It will also be unfair not to commend PML (N) government that over the last ten years made consistent efforts to provide modern transport system to the people especially in Punjab. Completion of metro bus projects in Lahore, Rawalpindi-Islamabad and Multan was widely welcomed by the people yet execution of one or two metro projects do not fully cater to requirements of the people. Therefore, it is essential that important routes be covered through such modern transport system. Indeed this requires a lot of funds but to achieve the goal, the private sector can also be involved.
The transport policy also envisages encouraging the use of cycling which undoubtedly is not only an inexpensive mode of transportation but also can help in reducing air and noise pollution to a great deal. But in today’s times when the people have money to spend on cars, it will be a big challenge for the federal and provincial governments to revert the people back to the use of cycles. Still the governments can greatly reduce traffic congestion on the roads by introducing an integrated transport system in all the major cities, as is the case in most of the developed countries so that the people could travel and reach their destination points with ease and well on time. If a reliable transport system is available to the people to carry out their daily activities, they will then hardly use their own vehicles, which will also go a long way in addressing massive traffic jams that give rise to many environmental and other issues.

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