Transgender rights

Afreen Mirza

Pakistan is having around 191.71 million population including estimated 500,000 ‘third-gender’ citizens. Some legal progress has been made in recent years to give them some recognition. However, while their rights are guaranteed on paper, members of the transgender community say they practically do not have these rights.
Transgender community used to make a liveable earning by performing in weddings, birth ceremonies and other such happy occasions, when our society had a greater level of tolerance, understanding and the spirit of inclusion. It has become more difficult now as the society has increasingly grown intolerant and has access to modern technological recreational options, thus rendering these poor souls as jobless and starving. Now, they have no choice to be on road-crossings and traffic signals. Why we consider them as a burden on our society?
Why do we think that they don’t have feelings? Why don’t they have a place to live? Why don’t they have a source of respectable earning. They can’t even work as a maid in our houses and then we disdain as to why they are begging. All human beings deserve access to basic necessities of life: dignity, means of livelihood, food, shelter and clothing. Let’s hope, a day will come when we, as a society, will be able to provide this access to all segments of our population.
— Karachi

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