Transgender discrimination

THE Senate Committee on Marginalised Segments has done well by deciding to invite transgender activists to discuss issues facing the community and find a way to prevent violation of their rights.
Senator Hafiz Hamdullah deserves credit on whose initiative the Committee has taken up the issue of status and place of transgender in the society, who are worst victims of discrimination despite constitutional guarantees of safeguarding of rights of each and every segment of the population. It is strange that none of the Governments of the past or any national institution ever gave attention to this serious issue and as a consequence transgender even have no protection of their fundamental rights like jobs and inheritance. The problem needs to be addressed on priority as, according to a study, the number of people with transgender signs or tendencies is increasing. In the first place, our society needs to change its overall behaviour towards trasgenderism, which is considered to be a shame and disgrace. Steps should be taken at family, collective and state levels to ensure proper formal education for transgender, which would ultimately help them acquire some good and respectable livelihood as against dancing and singing that is presently considered to be their fate. They should be provided help both by the society and the Government in case of criminal victimization or sexual harassment. There is urgent need to fix job quota for transgender as financial security would encourage them not to indulge in prostitution. We hope the Senators would not leave the matter as such and take it to the logical conclusion by enacting legislation that effectively ensures protection of rights of transgender. The Senators would be doing a great service to the society if they succeed in this mission.

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