Transfer of EOBI funds to PBM, Climate Change Ministry condemnable: Raza Rabbani


ISLAMABAD : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) PPP Senator and former Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has said that transfer of Employees Old Age Benefit Institution (EOBI) funds to the Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) and Climate Change Ministry is a criminal breach of trust by the federal government.

In a statement issued here on Friday, Raza Rabbani pointed out that the EOBI has been devolved to the provinces under the Constitutional 18th Amendment Act, 2010. The activities pertaining to and governed by the EOBI came under the ambit of item 26 of the Concurrent List in the Fourth Schedule, Constitution, 1973. The Concurrent List has been omitted.

He said that the federal government in defiance of the decision of the 18th Amendment and the Implementation Commission formed under clause 9 of Article 270AA, Constitution, 1973, continues to retain EOBI while denying the Provinces their right.

The PPP Senator said that Federal Finance Secretary has admitted before the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) that the EOBI funds were transferred to the Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and Climate Change Ministry.

Raza Rabbani said that an amount of approximately Rs.3 billion has been illegally transferred from the EOBI to other Federal government divisions/departments. The EOBI essentially caters to the welfare of the workers and pays a pension to them at the rate of Rs.5250 per month.

“This callous attitude of the federal government of denying the workers their monthly pension reflects the policy of the government to give protection and announce amnesty schemes for big business while depriving the working class of their meager pension”, Senator Rabbani said and condemned this act of the federal government.

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