Training for woodworkers on modern scientific lines


Salim Ahmed

Chairperson, Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Punjab Irfan Qaiser Tuesday offered Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) to set up ultra modern “Center for Excellence” for developing innovation of modern trends in furniture industry to excel in global markets and attract new investors and buyers worldwide.
It was disclosed at a meeting held here today between TEVTA Chief and PFC Chief Executive Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq. TEVTA chief said that furniture industry has vast potential to export at least one billion dollar Pak made products annually and can contributes significantly toward foreign exchange deposits if an excellent package of incentives is offered to industry. He said that TEVTA has in principle decided to lend helping hand to PFC and furniture manufacturers as well as wood artisan to adopt new designing trends to capture foreign markets.
He said that TEVTA will provide free of cost technical expertise for training of wood workers across the province on the recommendation of PFC. He said that “Modern Training Courses will be individually tailored and cover a diverse range of needs with the common objective of achieving safe and best use of wood working machinery. Initially, 500 workers will be selected from across the country and trained in the short duration training programme, in different batches.
Mian Kashif pointed out that training must covers most types of machine from small classical models and available both for beginners and more experienced operators as well as refresher training when required .
He said besides imparting technical training to woodworkers, the adopted training courses would highlight the importance of identifying and managing risk. “Risk management work is not simply a rearguard action, it is about being alert to opportunity and PFC is committed to assist woodworkers with the collaboration with TEVTA to understand the future of woodworking in Pakistan. Exciting investments are being made in factories across the country we are seeing consolidation and rationalisation in parts of the market and new competition emerging, reshaping the industry and driving us onwards,” Mian Kashif added.
He said in wake of technical training, Abrasive Wheel Training and CAD/CAM and CNC machines in woodworking would be given to students for improvement in productivity or capacity resulting from reduced downtime.
Lauding the role of TEVTA to train manpower, he said we should give respect to the skilled force because they can play vital role for the economic uplift of the country. He also appreciated the efforts of TEVTA for introducing demand driven courses in wood industry.
PFC Chief said to increase the country’s furniture exports, the manufacturers need to be offered a tax and credit package of incentives for acquiring new technologies and to grow big enough to sustain global competition from their rivals in the international market. He said the expensive imported raw materials and energy costs were one of the major hurdles for furniture manufacturers to compete with much cheaper imports from China and India.

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