Trailers are jeopardising

Saadia Aslam

Last week, an accident took place on national highway near Steel Mill. It was reported that three youngsters (students of first year) on motorbikes were got stuck between passerby trailers and got crashed. Two of them died on the spot while the third one, due to severe injuries, was admitted to ICU. The drivers of those trailers ran away.
It is in my knowledge that it is illegal for trawlers to drive in between 7am till 11pm. But sadly, they are being spotted in the city during afore-mentioned timings. Even if cops stops them, it’s just for the sake of useless fines for their extra earning and after receiving bribery, are freed by policemen to wander again in the city.
Due to this irresponsible behaviour, many such accidents take place daily on Link road, National Highway and Super Highway. Therefore, I request the concerned authorities to take action in this regard. For instance, ban such heavy vehicles to wander around in the city during off-timings which must be implemented as well.

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