Tragic time can come to us

Kiran Fatima

Mother Day, the day to pamper your mother for all that she has done for you over the years. Mother’s Day has been moulded further by a modern touch to preserve the celebration, which has been carried from ages the legend moved back to the early Greeks festival dedicated to Reha, who is considered to be mother of many deities. The modern day celebration of Mother’s Day was initiated by Anna Jarvis in1912, who was an Appalachian home maker, she organized a day to strike awareness of poor health conditions in her community, a cause she believed would be best advocated by mothers. She called it “mothers’ work day”.
However, one day is not enough to appreciate the hard work of all mothers around the world. Nowadays everyone has become so busy in their personal life that they forget to say thank you to their mothers. Mothers are a blessing from God, they are reason we are here in this world. Moreover, all they want is continuous appraisal in their lives. However, in our society things are not the way they are supposed to be, there are people who has left their mothers in old age home because they are not more beneficial to them, they are physically, mentally and emotionally weak and all they need at that point of time is love and affection.
For children a mother might be an old woman but for mothers her children are their world. Meeting to their mothers on only one day cannot fulfil all their responsibilities towards their mothers. It is necessary to give respect and value to our mother. They are the assets of our lives, leaving them when they need us is not the right gesture. Not all children have their mothers only those who do not have their mothers can understand the lack in their lives. It is important to give affection to our mothers because it is the cycle if today we do not love our mothers, the tragic time might come to us.

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