Tragedies in Turkey & Germany

In the last two weeks, Turkey has witnessed a spate of terror attacks claiming life of dozens of people. In another despicable incident on Monday, a Turkish policeman shockingly shot dead the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in what could be termed as an attempt to disrupt the warmth in relations seen between the two countries over last few months.
Russian President Viladmir Putin in his remarks also described it as a design to spoil Russia-Turkish relations. Involvement of a police officer in the attack is a proof that there are certain elements within Turkish security apparatus that want to fail the government of President Erodgan. Therefore, clean-up operation launched by Erdogan following the failed coup attempt is totally understandable and it should be continued till objectives are achieved ignoring outside criticism. Turkey is being targeted from all sides and it is also bearing the brunt of Syrian war but we understand that Turkish government and people have the capacity to collectively foil sabotage attempts which are only aimed at derailing their development process. Being a close friend, Pakistan should also be forthcoming to assist their Turkish brothers in steering out of current situation. Monday night also saw a brutal attack in Germany where a lorry ploughed into a busy Christmas market in Berlin killing twelve people and injuring scores of others. Police officials are describing the incident as a terror act as in the past also Europe has seen incidents where trucks have been used to run over the crowd. Though the nationality of the driver is not confirmed as of now, yet it has been reported that he belonged to Pakistan who had sought asylum in Germany. Though we appreciate the open heartedness Germany has shown towards the migrants especially Syrians, but the country should also realise that most of those seeking asylum on political and other grounds are criminals who use asylum as an opportunity to escape prison in their home countries. European countries need to review this policy and give asylum only to genuine refugees. Providing asylum to criminals will only create security problems for their own countries.

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