Tragedies galore everywhere

The reports of a massive landslide in China’s Sichuan Province and a Pakistan oil tanker truck explosion in Bahawalpur have awakened the world. Always safety comes first. These two incidents have brought in huge numbers in terms of death toll. The landslide in the mountain village of China is having a strong message to all: “It is time to protect our earth and environment.”
There are various reasons and factors behind the cause of a landslide. We might have come across such rudiments in the subjects like geography. Just imagine the gigantic strength of Mother Earth. The Earth withstands everything like people, rivers, mountains and seas. However, the exploitation of the resources of Mother Earth will lead to catastrophic results.
We should be thankful and grateful to Mother Nature. Planting trees and keeping the surroundings clean are all the right steps in the direction of safeguarding the earth. The countries across the world should come forward and come up with strong strategies to protect the earth so that the volcanic/catastrophic nature of earth can be tackled to greater extent.
Maharashtra, India

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