Traffic woes 

I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities and city  administration towards the horrendous problem of traffic. Despite being an industrial city and centre of business, Hub Chowki faces an immense issue of traffic. The battered roads are the sole reason of traffic congestion. In addition, the commuters and office and school going people trying to reach in time, are found nose to tail which causes tailbacks and affects the flow of traffic. Motorists, crossing speed limit, are vulnerable to deadly accidents and pose serious risks to others travelling by. Dealing with heavy traffic does not just make people late for work; several studies show that living with constant traffic congestion also has negative consequences on health. According to a CNN report, a 2012 study by Washington University in St. Louis noted that long commutes eat up exercise time. Thus, long commutes are associated with higher weight, lower fitness levels, and higher blood pressure—all strong predictors of heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. Government should look into the matter at the earliest to avert accidents and alleviate the sufferings of masses caused by congested traffic before it gets worse.FIDA UMRANIDharo Goth, Hub

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