Traffic problem in Karachi

Ayesha Shahid

Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw attention of the city government and other related authorities to the problems caused by everyday traffic jams in Karachi. Roads have become too narrow to accommodate number of vehicles plying on them. The never-ending construction work in progress at various places is also a cause of traffic jams. In the morning, there are long queues of vehicles moving super sluggishly from Numaish to Tower. Everyone wants to speed but of course, they can’t.
On the other hand, when traffic is moving smoothly VIP vehicles, motorcyclists, rickshaw and bus drivers break traffic rules and create complications for others. It is deplorable that there is no way even an ambulance can pass through – that makes me think what if a serious patient is being taken to the hospital? Will he/she have to wait for the traffic to clear? In the evening, traffic jams on the road in Karachi only get worse. I kindly request the higher authorities and the department OD traffic police to take some action in this regard so that everyone can travel with comfort and ease.

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