Traffic muddle: A plea to CM Punjab

Mehran Leghari

The road-users face a traffic chaos every day from Thokar Niazbeg to Chung. About two kilometres, especially from the Motorway overhead bridge to Shahpur Road turn, remain in complete mess when long-body vehicles take U-turns to enter or exit the bus stand. The Motorway police submitted a proposal to Chief Minister Punjab for adding a lane on each side of Multan road from Motorway overhead bridge to Chung but the CM seems more interested in pushing his Orange Train project than giving importance to daily traffic jams on this stretch of road.
Agreed that adding a lane on each side will not appear as spectacular as moving Metro buses or bogies of Orange Train, but it would surely alleviate miseries of the motorists who travel in and out of the Provincial capital every day. Similarly, Punjab Government had planned to add a lane on each side of canal bank roads from Thokar Niazbeg to Doctors’ Hospital by last February but nothing has happened so far.
This stretch of road also remains clogged by traffic all the time. What’s the point in talking big but doing little? Unfortunately, public money is not going where it should. The CM will earn the goodwill of many if he orders to add a lane each on above-mentioned stretch on Multan road and a lane on each side of canal bank roads.

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