Traffic Karachi

Neha Zuberi

Traffic in Karachi city is getting worse day by day, almost every living person in Karachi has to face the worst conditions when travelling. The main reason of this condition is due to numerous constructions and developmental activities which are not only disrupting the traffic but also creating heavy dust which is affecting the health of residents. Proper diversions in the construction areas are not being made which is leading to violation traffic rules.
Even when a construction is finished, affected road and sidewalks are not being properly reconstructed leading to pits and abnormal speed breakers on the road. There are also many places where traffic gets jammed on a daily basis and no authorities are paying their attention towards those areas. It is becoming a difficult task for the people to travel in Karachi city. The authorities should evolve an appropriate solution for heavy traffic areas, build proper diversions in construction areas and repair the roads which are affected by the construction and the roads which are getting old and are in worst condition.

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