Traffic chaos in Capital

PROTESTORS from a hitherto little known religious group have been blocking the main highway into Islamabad at Faizabad interchange which has virtually locked down the national capital and causing commuter fury as authorities hesitate to act. People especially the employees are using alternative routes to reach their offices but long queues especially on Kashmir highway especially during the day time are making it difficult for the commuters to reach their destinations on time.
The roughly two thousand protesters are demanding the resignation of federal law minister over the amendment made in the declaration relating to the finality of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). We have already stated that as the matter was resolved soon after it was brought to the government notice hence there is no need for the protestors to continue to stage sit-in on the Faizabad flyover where they have been camping for about a week now. The very teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH) lay great stress to uphold rights of the people and serve them yet putting others in pain and agony through any act itself is contradictory to those teachings. Therefore, if the organisers are really true followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), they should immediately call off their strike and rather sit with the administration to get their grievances, if any, addressed. In fact nobody can think of making any compromise on the finality of Prophethood or bring any amendment in the constitution that could compromise in any way the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal very rightly stated in his statement on Monday that fiery speeches of the organisers of the sit-in are being misused by our enemies to further malign the country at international level. We appreciate the government for showing maximum restraint so far and avoided any action as this would have further aggravated the situation. It is now time for the protestors to demonstrate maturity, realise the difficulties faced by the commuters and clear the area.

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