Traffic chaos

Komal Sohail
Via Email

Through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities toward traffic situation. Traffic situation in Karachi is getting worse by each passing day. On one hand vehicles are increasing exponentially, while roads are getting blocked due to development projects. There are numerous reasons for traffic congestion in the city like the road construction works are in progress, squatters have also set up encroachments on the roads, inter-city buses have illegal depots and stop points causing hindrance in traffic flow.
Traffic signals are switched off in many areas by police officials who try to control the traffic manually. They get confused in the process and due to their errors, the traffic from different directions is grid locked which leads to traffic muddle on roads. Usually, the traffic police close the traffic signals in evening when traffic volume from all directions is much higher. They open one-side of road for long period while the other traffic is closed for minutes.
Another major reason for traffic jams and mishaps in Karachi is lack of civic sense in drivers. Most drivers are either unaware of traffic rules or they simply do not bother. Jumping lanes, overtaking, speeding, cursing and swearing, all causing frustration, depression and hyper-tension around them. Pedestrians also face problems in crossing road. Solving traffic-related issues is certainly no easy task and requires a lot of research and planning. Considering the availability of resources and funds, it is best to utilize what is readily available rather than opting for brand-new solution which cause more strain on tax payers’ pockets.

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