Traditional Chinese costumes to be displayed at China Culture Centre

Staff Reporter

Cultural Centre of Dalian Jinpu New Area with support of Cultural office Embassy of China in Pakistan would organize more than three-week long New Silk Road exhibition from September 24 (tomorrow). The exhibition aimed to promote traditional Chinese costumes. The event was being arranged as a part of celebrations of 2017 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, “Ode to the Moon”.
For thousands of years, Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated as the time of year for when the moon is at its largest and roundest and as a traditional thanksgiving for the heavens, earth and nature together with friends and family.
Formerly known as the ‘Reunion Festival’, it’s when people come together to celebrate their family, friends, the earth and nature. An official of China Culture Centre said that costumes have maintained an important place in Chinese culture for more than three thousand years. Moreover, Chinese costumes are magnificent and colorful, he said.
He said that many dynasties throughout China’s history each had its own unique style of costumes, with styles changing or disappearing as the dynasty changed, declined, or were replaced.

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