Traders to purchase subsidized flour of Ramzan Bazaars

Rawalpindi—It has been divulged that the subsidized flour of Ramazan Bazaars will be sold to the traders of local markets. The wholesale traders have decided to sell this flour on regular rates after Eid.
The Punjab Government had given directives to the Food Department to ensure generous supply of flour to Ramazan bazaars. In this regard 11, 000 flour bags weighing 10 kg each were supplied to Ramazan bazaars on daily basis. Out of these only 1200-1500 flour bags were sold due to substandard quality. Eventually 95,000 flour bags were returned to the Food Department.
According to insiders, the Food Department is now working in collusion with wholesale traders to sell the hoarded flour bags. The wholesale traders will sell this subsidized flour on normal rates after Eid to earn profit. The 10 kg flour bag will be sold for Rs. 580 whereas the 20 kg flour bag will be sold for Rs. 800-820.
According to the policy of Food Department two flour bags were to be given to one stall holder of Ramazan bazaars but some stall holders were also provided with ten flour bags in order to achieve the target. According to the officials of Food Department, “flour is also available in local markets. It is not necessary that a single stall holder should be provided with just one or two flour bags.” —Agencies

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