Traders’ mafia

Momal Raja

When the holy month of Ramzan sets in, people start preparing themselves to become more religious to come closer to Allah. Along with Ramzan prayers and fasting, the Muslims of Pakistan start thinking about their Iftari programmes and have all the items from fruits to Pakoras – especially from business class to poor class every one bring delicious taste to their table and it is the month when even poor get chance to have fresh fruits, dates, meat and chicken etc.
On the other hand, the evil instinct of the traders comes in action, when people’s desire for buying food items and clothing for following Eid is high. They raise prices to the sky. We hear Government is organizing bachat programmes or sasta bazaars etc. but all these mentioned actions are limited to just slogans and announcements and to get Media’s attention. I call upon the govt that instead of opening useless ‘sasta bazaars’, establish the writ of the state and ensure that no trader, profiteer or businessman gets into the evil practice to fleece the people only because they want to celebrate a religious feat and a sacred divine event.
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