Tracking system to be introduced to know pilgrims’ location

Islamabad—The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony will introduce a special tracking system to know exact location of the pilgrims during Hajj. According to a ministry official, a device would be fixed in the wrist watches, bracelets or rings of Hujjaj (pilgrims) to help monitoring team to keep their track.
He said the tracking system with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) and satellite system would ensure timely help of a pilgrim in trouble and trace the missing ones. The system would also be attached with mobile phones of the pilgrims, which would be helpful in ascertaining their location, he added.
The official said the tracking system would help the pilgrims locate exit points in case of any emergency or untoward incident during Hajj.
A group leader could check the location of his group’s members, besides sending messages to them. The battery of the tracking system would be enough for four to five days after charging for only five minutes. The complete record of stay in Saudi Arabia would be saved in the tracking system, the official said.
He said the tracking system would be available for all the Hujjaj in 2017. He said the system would help a pilgrim monitor body temperature and heartbeat, besides current location and the routes, where he or she wanted to move during Hajj days. Each Haji would know about suffocation places.
Meanwhile, the ministry has been planning to utilise Hujjaj Compensation Fund (HCF) to compensate Hajj Group Organisers’ (HGOs) fraud victims. According to Hajj Policy 2016, the HCF would also be utilised for up-gradation of Information Technology System, etc. The HCF was established by Hajj Group Organisers Association of Pakistan (HOAP) in 2010. HOAP may place the HCF deposits in any of nationally scheduled Islamic banks.
The Ministry has also developed and launched an electronic monitoring system with the technical support of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for responding to inquiries, complaints, etc. The ministry has developed android application named “Pak Hajj Moavin,” for complaint registration. A mobile SMS service has been developed for information dissemination.
The system has an in-built mechanism of transferring the un resolved complaint to the next tier of management for taking appropriate measures. The ministry intends to strengthen monitoring and supervision mechanism for Hajj operation in Pakistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to check/review the performance of Government and Private Scheme, in accordance with the contractual obligations and Saudi Taleemat.
In addition, proforma based feedback, introduced last year, will be obtained from pilgrims of both Government and Private Hajj Schemes at the time of their return to Pakistan.—APP

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