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Towards greater Israel

Dr Muhammad Khan

ON March 25 2019 US President Donald Trump, officially announced recognition of Golan Heights as part sovereign part of state of Israel. Golan Heights, the Syrian territory is under occupation of Israel since 1967, occupied during Six days war. Israeli Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu declared this US move as historic and said, “Israel won the Golan Heights in a just war of self-defence and the Jewish people’s roots in the Golan go back thousands of years.” Earlier, on December 6, 2017 President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This move was practically implemented by US and later many other countries also moved their embassies to Jerusalem despite a clear defeat of US move in United Nations General Assembly.
Indeed, this is part of the gradual consolidation over the occupied Palestinian land by the state of Israel which is a clear expression of its expansionist designs. Unfortunately, United States is fully backing these expansionist designs of Israeli state, rather, US seems to be architect of this entire move. Indeed, the instability in Middle East has been fully used by the Israel for its expansion on the land of Palestinian. This is a clear violation of United Nations Resolution 181, calling for partition of Palestinian land into two states; and Arab state (Palestine state) over 43% area and an Israeli state over 57% area with Jerusalem remaining under international control.
In disregard to UN Resolution Israel occupied over 70% area in 1948 with the help of colonial powers; the United Kingdom and France. In a way, expansionist designs of the Jewish state were clear right from the start of this conspired state came into being through the Balfour Declaration-1917 and later legitimized under UN Resolution 181. These developments are indicative of the fact that, disintegration of Ottoman Empire was planned with lot of futuristic designs. Indeed, the Middle East has not seen peace ever since the disintegration of Ottoman Empire. But, the bad part of this entire episode is that, Muslims of Middle East have not learnt a lesson and are being manipulated constantly by international powers; the former colonial powers and today’s super. There has neither been any prudence nor any futuristic strategy formulated by the rulers of Middle Eastern to end the infighting and understanding the conspiracies against the region and its sources.
Following the unilateral US proclamation of declaring Golan Heights as part of Israel, there has been more reaction from European Union rather than a tough stance from the Arab world. In this regard, US faced sharp criticism at United Nations Security Council over its decision to recognise the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. The major powers denounced this US move and declared it as a violation of UN resolutions. In fact, the Israeli annexation of Golan Heights in 1981 has already been declared by UN as null and void through its Resolution 497. At United Nations Security Council on March 28, 2019, France warned that any attempt to turn away from international law and violation of UN resolution on Golan Heights was “doomed to fail”. This all was in the context of US preparation to unveil its Middle East peace proposals.’ Britain also opposed the US decision. Russia appealed the members of UNSC to totally reject the US unilateral decision and demanded that, Golan should continue as Israeli-occupied territory. “If anybody feels any temptation to follow this poor example, we would urge them to refrain from this aggressive revision of international law.” UN has thrice called for withdrawal of Israeli forces from Golan Heights through its resolutions. Look at the double standards of US, on one hand it decides recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan on the other hand it called for a UN peacekeeping mission deployed in a buffer zone there to remain in place so that. The truth is that, all these European States are real architect of creation of this Jewish state in the heart of Arab world, today United States is continuing the mission it overtook from these former colonial powers.
Indeed, the Israeli consolidation over the occupied Arab land is part of larger agenda in the politics of Middle East. The real agenda is expansion of the state of Israel for attainment of Greater Israeli State in the Greater Middle East. The West Asia along with North African Muslim countries today called as Middle East since WW-II is a political name given to this region. Earlier, this was called as Near East, before and even during WW-I. The Greater Middle East is a new political name, coined for this region and the region extending up to Central Asia. The entire strategy is to have a Greater Israel, making best use of contemporary instability in Middle East. Currently, Middle East is passing through an era of inter-state and intra-state conflicts whose only beneficiary is the State of Israel and its strategic ally; the United States. This is a clear indication that, instability in the Middle East has been well planned in order to pave the ground for a Greater Israel. The unfortunate part of this episode is that, Arab world has become senseless over this development; rather in most of the cases they have become the tacit allies of the state of Israel and opposing the justified struggle of Palestinians. Under such circumstances there is no apparent hindrance in becoming a Greater Israel in Greater Middle East.
— The writer is Professor of Politics and International Relations at International Islamic University, Islamabad.