Tough competition among candidates of major political parties

Polling concludes peacefully in all three constituencies of Federal Capital

Mohammad Arshad

Polling process, Wednesday, in all three constituencies of the National Assembly in the Federal Capital i.e NA-51, NA-52 and NA-54 remained peaceful as quite a handful number of police and security personnel were deployed to ensure the law and order both inside and outside the polling stations.
Stalwarts including Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan, former premier Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, former minister CADD Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Assad Umar, Afzal Khokhar, Mian Aslam, Anjum Aqeel Khan and others contested from these constituencies.
Pakistan Observer observed that supporters, polling agents as well as sympathizers of all major as well as smaller parties except Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) also arrived the polling stations as majority of them had installed their election camps previous night.
In the early hours, there was rush on polling camps of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and camps of PTI wore a deserted look but till noon, PTI camps were also filled with the supporters and voters seeking number of their votes.
When asked about this reason of this changed scenario in the polling camps, Pakistan Observer learnt that supporters and voters of PPP and PML-N were used to start the process early in the morning whereas PTI supporters, being habitual of getting up late, rushed to their camps late by noon; however, PTI camps remained filled till last minutes of the polling time.
While polling stations officially opened for voting at 8: AM and enthusiastic citizens queued up outside their respective stations even one hours before the commencement of polling and people lined up outside polling stations to cast their votes.
This time, voters and supporters of all the parties demonstrated utmost tolerance and patience towards the rival parties and abstained from indulging in any kind of scuffle or fighting therefore polling process continued peacefully till the evening.
Although supporters and voters were enthusiastic and high spirited about the success of their candidate yet there were quite sensitized about the tough competition with rival candidates. Therefore, despite being hopeful about the success of their candidates, they were not fully sure in this regard.
The well established notion that PTI enjoyed major support in the Urban areas was also destroyed as voters in Kachi Abadis in G-7, F-7 and other areas with lower income showed their trend of supporting PPP and PML-N candidates. Furthermore, a large number of voters also expressed their support to Muttahida Majls e Amal candidates even in posh areas of the federal capital.

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