Totally confused

Masood Khan

As Cyril Almeida’ story is elevated from ‘leaked’ to ‘fabricated’ to ‘ planted’, I am totally confused who is on whose side — it’s very dark. Cyril story implies that the federal government has a soft corner for banned organizations and militant groups especially in Punjab. But what happened in Islamabad this Friday; ASWJ, a proscribed organization per NACTA website, was permitted to hold a rally and a public meeting in the heart of the capital despite the imposition of section 144? Though not reported in mainstream media, however, that meeting was an open display of sectarian hatred under the auspices of government officials. A week back Interior Minister met a delegation of heads of banned organizations; accepted their demands while violating his own Ministry’s orders against these outfits.
But Cyril story flies in the face of everyone when a retired general stuns the country in a TV talk show that ISI has proposed a comprehensive plan to bring JuD and other banned parties into mainstream politics and induct the militants in Rangers and FC after de-radicalization process. As per the general, government is unnecessarily sitting on the proposal. Why can’t our visible and invisible rules tell us truth that they both are on one page; instead competing with each other to please these elements regardless they are officially banned and are declared terrorists by outside world. If that’s the truth, then why we complain that we are getting isolated and every other country points its fingers on us.
—Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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