Torture in schools

A four-year-old student lost his eyesight on Thursday after he was allegedly tortured by the principal of a private school in Tando Bago, the student’s family claimed. Zulfikar Leghari, the father of the victim, said that the left eye of his son has been completely damaged.
Such instances are reported almost daily by media but regrettably the practice continues unabated and as a result young children not only become victim to physical injury and damage but also psychological disorder. Just a few months back a student of eighth grade at a private cadet college in Larkana reportedly lost his consciousness and was paralysed after he was allegedly beaten up by his teacher. In August, the District Administration Chitral sealed a private school in Drosh town after its principal was found involved in subjecting students to physical torture. Worst are the conditions in religious institutions where students are routinely subjected to physical punishment leading to injuries and disabilities. Same treatment is being meted out to drug-addicts at so-called rehabilitation centres that have propped up in parts of the country just to mint money. Corporal punishment in schools is declining in the civilised world where laws have been passed to take care of the problem but it is on the rise in countries like ours where no one cares about social, human and even Islamic values and law-enforcement is very weak. The problem is assuming alarming proportions, intensity and must be checked by Federal and Provincial governments on a priority basis.

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