Torkham border still closed

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Khyber Agency—The Pak-Afghan border Torkham was closed when Afghan authorities criticized the Torkham authorities for installation of the fence on the Pakistani side of border to block movement of illegal and suspected people, official sources said on Tuesday.
The tension between the officials of two neighbor countries rose when the Afghan border security officer, Lieutenant Nisar Ahmad, around 9 am came to the site and asked the Pakistani border authorities to stop working on the installation of barbed wire and fencing. Reacting to this development on Torkham the commandant of Khyber Rifles (KR) force Colonel Tariq Hafeez along with a big contingent of security personnel rushed to Torkham border and took positions and closed the Torkham border for all kinds of movement.
Later to bring the situation on Torkham border as normal the afghan border police chief Zabihullah Shinwari accompanied by col Nisar Ahmad came to Pakistani side of the border and held talks with the Assistant Political Agent Rahimullah Mehsud and colonel Tariq Hafeez. After rounds of talks to resolve the issue there was no positive results. Zabihullah Shinwari told the Pakistani officials that it was decided that no country would do any construction work in the Zero Point area. This was the agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The closure of Torkham border caused miseries for the travellers of the two countries. Thousands of passengers including patients, women and children were stranded for the whole day on the both sides of the border while long queues of loaded and empty trucks carrying afghan transit goods and other goods to and from Afghanistan. They were parked on the road sides in across the border.
An official of the political administration told this scribe that the border was still closed till filling this report.

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